• Your PAL can
    Transmit to any mobile phone
In the event of an acute Emergency – Your Emergency PAL relays your vital information directly to medical first responders. Now – through the use of your EMERGENCY PAL Smarter Card or Helmet Decal you have the ability to be able to pass on critical information to medical aid workers in the event that you are unable to.

In Case of Emergency – Your EMERGENCY PAL will always help to take care of you

Ian Cunningham

This is Your PAL for Life.

In the event of an emergency -Your essential medical and emergency contact details can be relayed simply and speedily to medical first responders which will help them to help you – fast.

Your unique Emergency PAL smarter card contains an embedded NFC Chip, a dynamic QR Code as well as a customised and automated text back service making your details accessible to any mobile phone.

Why we really are your PAL for Life

We help you to take care of yourself.  Our service facilitates the simple and speedy transmission of your essential medical details to medical first responders in the unfortunate circumstance of an accident or emergency happening to you.

A bespoke service provided for you...

Every card or decal we produce is created just for you. Each card consists of a unique NFC chip, and a custom QR code as well as an interactive text-back service.  No two cards or decals are ever the same. Emergency PAL will speak for you when you are unable to.

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